About Me

I have been a self taught photographer since late 2009. This all came about from walking in the cheviots and wanting to capture the landscape as I was seeing it and not as then my point and shoot camera was.

I started to study a number of books and then purchased my first body which was a Nikon D3000.  I rapidly learned with this camera and also took part in a number of workshops.  Then early in 2011 I upgraded the body to a Nikon D7000 that has enabled me to take my ability up a step.

I am now starting to lean more towards Wildlife and Landscape photography and also mostly black and white.  That said I enjoy all types of Photography.

This is a hobby of mine however I will undertake commissioned work.  However, I ask no payment (other than to cover any costs) for this work but do ask that a donation (of your choice) is made to a charity.  This can be negotiated.

For workshops I have worked with and would recommend the following:

Going Digital North East – Photography Workshops by Kelvin McIvor
David Taylor Landscape Photography

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