A Castle Wedding

First, I am not a wedding Photographer.

Ok, now that I have said that I do quite enjoy assisting on weddings.  Generally none of the stress and free licence to take candid shots of the guests and happy couple.

This much more suits my style than trawling through lists of family members to gather up and more than anything the responsibility on the day for that couple.  I also think that the photographic industry has far too many sub-standard wedding photographers who do not capture enough of the day and don’t seem to go far enough to build a portfolio of the couple to treasure.   Anyway, that gripe aside I am happy that thus far I have been assisting Andy Hudson Photography at some of his weddings and have seen first hand his desire to give his clients the best package he can.

I look forward to working more with Andy but in the meantime, here are some shots I took at a recent wedding in Durham.  I am adding a new section to the Gallery for Weddings and events.


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